We scratch below the surface

  • MBConsult/AE-Plus verzorgt uw preventiebeleid, veiligheidscoördinatie, energieprestatieberekeningen en speciale technieken (studies technische uitrusting van gebouwen).

    All your questions can be viewed from a range of perspectives: technical, financial (TCO), legal and administrative. The perspective, however, maintains the viewpoint of the user with the know-how of a multidisciplinary team.

    The result? Comprehensive advice about your construction without any headaches.

  • Energy performance regulations

    MBConsult/AEplus has its own EPB reporters, EPB advisers and PEB reporters, who are recognised in Flanders, the Brussels Capital Region and Wallonia. We can also conduct your mandatory feasibility studies and evaluate and calculate thermal bridges in both 2D and 3D. We evaluate your design and provide reports in the form of design evaluations. In this context, we communicate proactively and optimise your design with transparent improvement proposals. Honest and creative, that is our approach to your project!

  • Special techniques

    If you are after studies of special techniques then you have come to the right place at MBConsult/AEplus. We can calculate heat loss, scale heating and cooling installations, provide advice regarding fire protection, high and low voltage devices, lighting, lifts … In short, we can provide everything you need in relation to the technical equipment installed within your project. An all-in package that encompasses the entire project spectrum: from the very first pre-designs to definitive delivery. Close coordination with our EPB reporters also ensures that you end up with a compliant and cost-effective solution that is adapted to the current legislation, standards and technology.

  • Energy performance certificates

    MBConsult/AEplus is recognised in Flanders, the Brussels Capital Region and Wallonia for its expertise in drawing up energy performance certificates. These certificates cover residential buildings and, where applicable, non-residential buildings. We are also recognised for providing energy performance certificates for public buildings.

  • Passive building

    We can provide calculations and information regarding the feasibility of a passive norm for a building. We then provide the necessary communication and reporting with the PHPP in order to obtain the relevant certificate. In consultation with the client, we discuss and implement an ongoing procedure and follow the various steps within the design and realisation phases carefully and with a keen eye for detail.

  • Safety coordination and prevention

    We function as safety coordinators, level A & B, and have a range of references in all sectors. This enables us to provide a ‘tailor-made approach’ at all times. We can also provide advice to businesses in relation to prevention policies and support the hierarchical line and prevention advisers in order to guarantee corporate continuity. A permanent training schedule which involves our coordinators and prevention advisers ensures that they can always provide the very latest advice, taking into account the most up-to-date developments while specifically adapting this to the customer’s needs.

  • Asbestos and demolition inventories

    In order to work on or demolish certain buildings, you are required to draw up a demolition and asbestos inventory. We will visit the location, carry out the necessary fieldwork and, in collaboration with a recognised laboratory, communicate the necessary results promptly and accurately. These results will involve not only the findings but also a management plan and/or a plan of approach. This plan can be provided to the contractors by the client in order to obtain comparable and transparent quotes and enable him to make a well-founded decision. Our expertise also encompasses assessing the tendering parties and following these up during the execution of works and actual delivery.

  • Dynamic heat simulations

    Sometimes, theoretical models only touch on reality and a much more thorough calculation is recommended or, in some cases (depending on the law or relevant standards), is mandatory. A dynamic simulation allows the climate conditions within a building at every moment of the day or year to be simulated. We use specialised software to provide you with this type of simulation and can then indicate the temperature fluctuations in your building at any location incredibly accurately.

  • Werkwijze
  • Industry

    The experts at MBConsult can help organise your document flow and then set up practical and auditable guidelines that you can immediately implement within your business processes.


    We understand that profitability is the biggest challenge. We are also, therefore, happy to provide our ideas and advice in advance in order to keep your profitability levels up to scratch in the face of rapidly changing regulations.


    Allowing you to work on the design and us to work on the regulations is the most effective way to achieve sustainable results.

    Public bodies

    The services and checks we provide comply in full with current legislation.

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Our people have the necessary qualifications and certificates. Moreover, MBConsult/AE-Plus is ISO certified.


The ability to progress rapidly is vital for your project and for us. We monitor your process but are not simply a compliance organisation. We provide added value by sharing advice and experience.


MBConsult/AE-Plus has all of the disciplines under one roof. From work planners to project engineers.


We realise that we are providing you with mandatory services. That is why we pay a great deal of attention to customer-delight. We thus keep it pleasant for everyone.